Coronary Control Syringes

Since 1987 Merit Medical has been manufacturing and selling a variety of coronary control syringes. With years of experience, Merit has designed and created quality control syringes with features that continue to meet ever changing clinical expectations. In addition to the standard control syringe designs, Merit provides the Inject8™ and Inject10n™ allowing clinicians to generate more pressure with less applied force.The Smart Tip™ coronary control syringe allows clinicians exceptional feel with less applied force.

Medallion® Syringes

Medallion Syringes® are available in a variety of colors and labeling options to meet various clinical needs for labeling and to help reduce medication errors.

VacLok® Vacuum Pressure Syringe

Merit Medical offers a variety of syringes to meet various clinical needs. These patented syringes allow clinicians to lock the plunger in multiple positions for a negative pressure vacuum.