Needle & Futura

Merit Advance ™ angiographic needles combine an ergonomic hub, coated stainless steel and sharpness of the tip with top clinical performance. Our Majestik ® 2 and 3 part needles offered in standard, Seldinger or Cournand shields incorporate a blunt cannula with a solid or hollow cutting stylet. When clinician safety matters, choose our SecureLoc ® introducer needle.
  • Merit Advance ™ Angiography Needles
    • Ergonomic hub with reference point to orient bevel. Smooth guide wire insertion and removal over the wire.
  • Majestik Series Angiography Needles
    • Sharp grind angle facilitates entry into tissue and vessel wall. Blunt-end obturator occludes the cannula lumen.
  • SecureLoc Safety Angiography Needles
    • Easy-to-activate, low-prof ile safety mechanism shields the needle bevel after use for needlestick prevention.
  •  Futura® Safety Scalpels
Retractable Safety Scalpels
Merit Medical is pleased to introduce the Futura® Safety Scalpels. These automated retractable safety scalpels are designed to protect clinicians and patients from accidental cuts while passing and disposal. 

Futura® Safety Scalpels

Merit Advance™ Angiography Needles
Majestik Series Angiography Needles

SecureLoc Safety Angiography Needles


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