Merit Hemostasis Valves and Angioplasty Accessories

Honor ™
This is the latest in Merit’s hemostasis valve technology. The easy push-pull mechanism of the Honor Hemostasis Valve allows single-handed manipulation to open and close the valve while introducing devices into the vasculature. The hemostasis seal minimizes blood loss while giving the clinician the ability to manipulate interventional devices.
MBA - Merrit’s Bleedback Alternnative
A premier hemostasis valve which features two seals. A conventional “touhy” silicone hemostasis valve provides security that the interventional device will stay in place. The secondary slit seal delivers a virtually bloodless procedure.
DoublePlay ™
Two large bore hemostasis ports allow easier manipulation and control of interventional devices during “kissing balloon” techniques.

Passage ®
The Passage represents the first of Merit’s standard line of hemostasis valves. It accommodates devices up to 7.5 French.

The AccessPLUS large bore hemostasis valve is a second generation device that maximizes the “sweet spot” or optimal sealing surface for blood control.

Access-9 ™
A standard hemostasis valve with a large inner lumen, accepting devices up to 9 French. The wing nut features fine pitch threads for gentle closure without kinking wire or catheters.
RXP ™ Fllushing Syringe
A syringe specifically designed to easily flush the wire lumen of rapid exchange balloons.

Fluorescent Torque Devices
Brightly colored torque device body improves visualization under low light conditions.

Airless Rotator
A proprietary airless rotator minimizes the possibility of trapped air.

Large Bore 9 French Inner Lumen
Found in the MBA, Access-9, AccessPLUS, and DoublePlay designs. Accepts interventional
devices up to 3mm.


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