Fluid Management & Tubing

CT Transfer Set
CT transfer sets provide a safe and effective way to decrease turn around time in busy procedure rooms. By utilizing larger contrast bottles, you not only save money on contrast, but also precious time during set-up and post procedure cleanup.
Features & Benefits
  • Contrast Transfer Set
    • Large lumen spike with auto vent provides high flow
    • Wide base unit on piercing spike adds insertion support
    • Low priming volume
    • Straight through design provides unimpeded flow
    • Interchangeable – can be used with either contrast or saline
  •  Saline Transfer Set
    • Longer, sharper, spike tip allows easier insertion into I.V. solution bags
    • Blue stripe tubing is a solution identification reminder
    • Interchangeable – can be used with either contrast or saline
  • Large Bore Contrast Transfer Set
    • Large bore piercing spike
    • 20” large bore tubing
    • Large wing swabbable valve
  • Swabbable Valve
    • Valve is automatically in the closed position – opens when a syringe tip is inserted into the valve, and closes when you remove syringe tip
    • Large wings provide added grip during attachment to syringe
    • A quick swab to the valve is all you need to load the next syringe which equals less time spent getting ready for procedures
    • Easy access with either slip luer or luer lock syringes
Miser® Contrast Management System 
Features & Benefits
  • Fluid Level Memory
    • F ast -fi lling fu x ibl.e chamber aut onntically refills to maintain pre-established leuels
  • Air Shut Off Ball
    • Iarge orange ball minimizes airfrom mtering distalfluid line and ffirs a highly aisible contrast leuel indicator
  • Deflector Plate
    • lfinimizes potentialfor air bubbles hy directing fluid to tbe chamber walls
  • Marouis@ Series Stopcock
    • Stopcock confi,gurations allow labs to drain tbe distalJluid line eliminating contrast wa,ste
PIB-Pressure Infusor Bag™
Dual pressure valve: Standard pressure all the time, over-pressurize when needed with the click of a button.
  • Standard Pressure
    • Valve is factory pre-set for pressurization up to 300mmHg
  • Over Pressure
    • Depress blue button to set valve for over-pressure mode allowing 300-450mmHg for rapid infusion
  • Pole Hanger
    • Easy and stable placement onto IV pole
  • Fluid Bag Hook
    • Bag attaches easily to rigid hook which secures bag in the event of pressure loss
  • One-Handed Prep
    • Stopcock placed close to bulb for easy inflation, closure once fully pressurzed, and deflation
Merit Tubing Line

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