Diagnostic Guide Wires

H2O Hydrophilic Guide Wire
  • Hydrophilic Coating
    • Increased lubricity enhances catheter tracking.Consistently smooth surface ensures integrity of the coating.
  • Solid Nitinol Core
    • Kink resistant core for precise manipulation and steerability in tortuous anatomy with 1:1 torque ratio.
  • Increased Radiopacity
    • Proprietary polymer technology provides enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy.
  • Thromboresistant
    • A smooth polyurethane jacket and hydrophilic polymer significantly reduce the potential of thrombus formation on the guide wire.
  • Stiff Shaft Technology
    • Provides strength and stability during catheter placement and exchange.
  • Availabilty
    • Hydrophilic guide wires are available in a variety of diameters, lengths, and tip configurations to ensure the right wire is available for a wide range of diagnostic procedures.
InQwire Guide Wire
    Benefits off Pre-coating
  • Smooth surface 
    • Less friction - increased tracking Consistent performance
  • Safety
    • Reduction of blood clot formation and adherence Resists flaking of PTFE coating
  • Increased lubricity
    • Better catheter compatibility
  • Improved durability
    • Consistent performance after multiple catheter exchanges
  • Insertion force
    • Less force required for wire passage through catheters - aids in wire stability and positioning
  • Heparin coated wires
    • Available in new configuration May help minimize the likelihood of blood clot formation on the guide wire
InQwire Hydrophilic Marker Wire

Convenience, Smoothness, & Clarity is  as Simple  as 1-2-3
Marks are placed at both 5cm & 10cm increments for increased accuracy. The marks are laser etched for a seamless transition between the marks and the wire body shaft. A black marker placed against the stainless steel wire body increases visibiity.
Laureate Hydrophilic Guide Wire
  • Decisions Driven By Evidence
    • Years of Research, Development and Quality Testing
    • Consistent Surface Coating Adhesion Tip to Tip
    • Enduring Lubricity
    • Exclusive Technology that Significantly Reduces Wire Whippin
  • Reliable And Enduring Lubricity
    • Confidence to Navigate Highly Tortuous Vessels
    • High Performance, Consistent Surface Coating
    • Promotes Rapid Catheter Exchanges
    • Minimizes Friction on the Wire Surface
  • Clinicall Criteria With The Physician In Mind
    • Exceptiona Torque Control
    • greater Turn for Turn Responsiveness
    • Rapid Vessel Selection
    • Enhanced Lesion Crossability
    • Dependable Visualization Under Fluoroscopy
    • Stiff Configurations for Additional Support and Pushability


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