HepaSphere™  Expanding Microspheres

The conformable solution to embolisation
  • Precise occlusion site targeting
As well as achieving occlusions with a large surface area, the unique fluid absorbing properties of HepaSphere ™ microspheres minimise unwanted tracking beyond the embolisation site.
  • Occlusions that conform to the site anatomy
Each HepaSphere microsphere immediately absorbs fluid on delivery, causing it to expand - up to four times the dry state diameter becoming soft and flexible, without any loss of integrity. The enlarged sphere then conforms to the occlusion site anatomy to form a moulded occlusion with a large surface area.
HepaSphere microspheres can be delivered  using EmboCath ™, Hydrophilic Infusion Catheter.
  • HepaSphere microspheres provide versatile therapy options
    • HepaSphere microspheres are designed for bland as well as chemo-embolisation.
    • HepaSphere microspheres are compatible and can be mixed with chemotherapeutic agents such as Ethiodol, Cisplatin, Epirubicin, Doxorubicin, Fluorouracil, Mitomycin etc.*
    • The swelling properties of the functionalized polymer used in HepaSphere microspheres provides a high drug absorbing capability.



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